Audrey Reed

Audrey ReedAudrey Reed is a highly sought after Life Coach, Entrepreneur Producer, and Public Speaker. Her passion is to motivate and counsel others on marriage, relationships, entrepreneurship, and life itself.

Everyone has a life that’s full of bumps and surprises that can throw even the best of us for a loop. Audrey knows, because she’s had to overcome a few speed bumps of her own. That’s where she draws her compassion and strength from, and it’s why so many people rely on this devout Christian to help them, even with issues as delegate and sensitive as marriage infidelity. Audrey understands the pain that’s felt when the trust between a husband and wife is shattered, because she had to become victorious over infidelity in her own marriage. Now she counsels others on how to do the same.

Married for more than 31 years she’s the loving mother to three adult children, and dedicated grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren. The successful outcomes to Audrey’s own life experiences allow her to empower her clients to be strong, resilient, and forward thinking in their personal and professional lives. She does this by incorporating strong family values and time-honored Christian traditions in her message of hope, love, and the blessings of prosperity to everyone she counsels.

After successfully establishing herself as a motivational speaker and life coach she has helped others establish their own companies and become entrepreneurs themselves. She has co-authored an impressive book anthology with 30 other women called, “Networking to Increase Your Net Worth,” a book that helps women entrepreneurs leverage their inherent personality advantage of being good listeners and using their ability to devise helpful solutions to common business problems. Two valuable skills that are absolutely crucial to being an effective networker.

And finally, Audrey founded a charter club for women called,“Powerful Women Empowering” to help them empower themselves and others to succeed in love, business, and in life. You can learn more about Audrey Reed’s life story and her powerful concepts, or even book a speaking engagement with her, by contacting her via the links below.