Audrey Woodley

Audrey Woodley Photo- NewAudrey Woodley, Founder of Changing Oasis, Inc. and FEW Entertainment, is a motivational speaker, life coach, radio talk show host and entrepreneur. Deeply rooted in her faith and the belief that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success, Audrey shares that philosophy with everyone she encounters professionally and personally. Faith, she often tells her Life Coaching clients, is one of the most valuable tools and building blocks of any success when applied persistently and consistently. Audrey is smart, witty, and charismatic and loves people. Audrey has gained wisdom about not giving up on one’s dream through her own personal experiences and the astute observation of the experiences of others. She is always willing to share that wisdom and her gifts and talents with others to help them gain an understanding of the need for a Life Coach. She explains that many pitfalls are inherent in the lack of planning for one’s success but they can be avoided with the proper motivation and accountability measures that a Life Coach provides.

Presently Audrey is working hard to build a “Literacy 4Change” program which will help bring literacy skills to hundreds of community residents who failed to earn a diploma because they dropped out of high school. This program will also include a high school diploma, afterschool, and Saturday reading programs for grammar school students. She is excited to use social media and to offer other business owners the opportunity to learn how to use social media effectively to build their brand. Audrey’s goal is to have all of these much needed programs and training under one roof. She is currently looking for a facility to continue her dedication to promoting, connecting, and empowering women everywhere through her commitment to education and social change.

Audrey can be booked for speaking engagements and workshops on teen mentoring, women empowerment, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and social media.

Contact: (708)309-1047

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