Dr. Genevieve Kumapley

Team from Saint Peter's University Hospital visit Ghana for Autism AwarenessGenevieve¬†Kumapley, PharmD is the Founder and the Executive Director of MyGOAL Inc., a 501 c (3) non-profit Autism organization that helps families with limited economic resources access therapies, programs and information about Autism & Haven International, an organization that provides professional training for caregivers and teachers of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Ghana, West Africa. Dr. Kumapley received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and practices as a Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. She is a recipient of several leadership awards including the 2013 Role Model Award from NAACP. ¬†She has been featured on several TV and Radio networks including ABC News. She is married to Robert and they have 3 children, Sena, Nicholas and Delali.

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