Greta A. Douglas

greta DouglasGreta A. Douglas is a coach, trainer, and motivational speaker.  As the founder of Sankofa Empowering Women’s Alliance, she works with small business owners to incorporate wellness strategies as they build a strong and successful foundation for their business. By using these methods, women are gaining the self esteem, business savvy, and discipline to fulfill their potential to live their best life.  Greta believes that if a woman dares to commit to a life of abundance and joy, believes that the process is achievable and desires to make a difference…she will have just that…a fulfilling life based on her definition of success.

She knows that your health is your wealth and makes time to live a balanced life by connecting with her inner spirit and conversations with God, family and friends. Greta celebrates more than 8 years in the direct sales industry where her passion for training and coaching was born.  As a true believer in multiple streams of  income, she has embarked on building her noble enterprise by collaborating with other Chief Empowerment Officers, being a lifetime student, and traveling the world.


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