Jayne Rios

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Jayne Rios has 25 years experience in TV and marketing.  She is the CEO & Founder of three companies and owns an Intellectual Property elearning system.  Her first company, KungFuzos Video Marketing, was founded in 2004. Years ahead of the hot new video trend that is sweeping the marketplace, Jayne proved herself  a visionary entrepreneur.   In the midst of a national recession, she created two successful companies in the past three years utilizing digital marketing methods.   Her eLearning system is her latest innovation and is being sold and broadcast globally through Acts 2 Technology to Christian ministries, and through Express Yourself eLearning to speakers, authors, coaches and corporate trainers.

She is passionate about helping others achieve the success she has earned.  Audiences leave with actionable items to take with them and execute.  Her methods are helping hundreds, if not thousands, achieve success online through video, digital marketing and eLearning.

Jayne is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart for serving.  She is the wife of a prime time, major market TV Director, and the mother of two young boys.  She is a cub scout leader, a baseball coach and a life skills coach for teens.

Testimonies from Jayne’s online marketing presentation: “My group was amazed at how much we learned.  Jayne doesn’t just throw terms and jargon out there to impress. She actually walked us through how to transform our business with digital products.  I was so fired up when I left, I just went home and did it!” – Sally Bartlett.  ”I never feel comfortable asking questions, but Jayne was so real and approachable, I felt free to ask, and her answer opened the door to my being able to use video in my marketing.” – Joan Wright.

Websites:             www.kungfuzos.com



Telephone:           885-456-9876.

Email:                     Jayne@expressyourselfelearning.com

Facebook:             www.facebook.com/KungFuzosMarketing