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Kristi BallardKristi  Ballard has been very active in the Internet Marketing industry since 2006 where she began her career in the real estate marketing industry. With the advancement of social networks and search engine optimization, the internet has come onto itself and new industries have been formed leading her to where she is today as an internet marketing and social media strategist. After spending countless hours diving into the nitty gritty of internet marketing Kristi found herself more and more intrigued in the various aspects of internet marketing.

Due to the major shift happening between social networks and people working from home, business is being revolutionized as to how it is done. People no longer just want to do business with a company, but a person who they know they can trust and who has the skills necessary to get the job done. With the advancements of the web, your products and services can be broadcast to the world very quickly and spread like wildfire. Kristi’s specialty is providing social media and inbound marketing services that will not only bring the most measurable return on your marketing investment today, but also make any business owner look like they are the one and only business in town!

As a recipient of a Master’s Certificate in Internet Marketing from The University of San Francisco, Kristi Ballard has been able to broaden her internet marketing skills into the fields of search engine marketing, personal branding, attraction marketing, social media, mobile marketing & video marketing. She’s received advanced certifications in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Analytics. She’s spent countless days and hours furthering her education and expertise to elevate not only her own businesses to the next level, but to be able to help educate and coach her partners and customers to reach their full potential online as well. Kristi will begin teaching classes this fall to help business owners learn the tools necessary to get online quickly in several fields.

Kristi’s mission is to help others get online quickly and to DOMINATE their market, which ever it may be. She is very eager to work with you and take your business to new heights! She will get you on page one of Google GUARANTEED!

Recognized as one of 2011′s  “One of America’s Premier Experts”, Kristi Ballard was featured guest on “The Ron LeGrand Show” showed on affiliates of CBS, NBC, ABC & FOX being viewed all over the country. Kristi has had the opportunity to work with Celebrities such as Ron LeGrand, Lee Miltier as well as industry experts Nick Nanton Esq, & Lindsay Dicks and a hand full of America’s Premier Experts in various fields.

Known as KBallard Online, Kristi’s passions are social media, internet marketing and helping others. She also enjoys surfing, Hawaiian & Tahitian Dancing (Hula), skiing and just being with friends and family.


1)      Who are YOU? What are you all about?

My name is Kristi Ballard and I am an internet marketing consultant and business coach also known as KBallardOnline. I work with businesses and help them grow and get exposure online through the new marketing platforms available on the internet today. I’m all about getting you online quickly, gaining credibility and then dominating your market.

2)      In this competitive world, what sets your business apart?

What sets me apart is that I focus on branding and educating people on how to get online and make their business known so they can start their own “Tribe” of followers. Whether it’s yourself as a person or your business, I’m very dedicated to helping others one on one to help them learn what I know through my education in internet marketing and get them where they can connect with their fans online.

3)      Who is your ideal customer?

Business owners that are determined to get online successfully build a presence, traffic and become online influencers for their industry

4)      Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for to learn more?

Yes, please visit my website

5)      How do I get started working with you?

The Best way is to visit my website, email me from there under Contact Kristi at or call me directly at 321-305-3636.

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