RoseMarie Couture DeSaro


Best Selling Author ~ Empowering Transformations for Women.

RoseMarieRoe DeSaro is the voice for inspiring strong, competent high-achieving women to achieve success, without compromising their family and personal life, while being their authentic feminine self.

Roe has been instrumental in paving the way for women for 35 years! She landed her 1st Wall Street job @ 24 years old and broke several “glass ceilings”. Roe’s mission back then was to prove women can work successfully in a “man’s world” while maintaining their femininity. In the 80’s she became the first female NY Regional Director and ultimately Vice President @ EF Hutton & Co.  In the late 90’s, her stock trading company became partners with E*Trade. It was then as mother of two children under 4 years old, she learned first-hand about making sacrifices in her personal life. Knowing there had to be a better way, she ventured out on her own; starting a home based business. As the years wore on, as an entrepreneur working side by side with other women business owners, she witnessed first-hand, how as women grew in power, their lifestyle suffered more. It was heart wrenching to see women become stressed out, overwhelmed and questioning whether it was all worth it. She felt compelled & responsible to keep women’s dreams alive.

Today she is out to prove something again!
Her company Fearless In Pink, provides coaching, speaking, master minding, and success programs. She also created a free program, the “Stress-Free SuperWoman’s” weekly online success series, it debuts Oct 2013.  She carefully chooses successful SuperWomen (& Men, we love them too!) to share their insights & tips on how to have a thriving business while living an exceptional life full of vitality.RoseMarie’s mission: to re-invent the meaning of “SuperWoman” and banish the belief that women can’t achieve success without sacrifices or use their feminine power to create an amazing life. It’s time to own our power and make a difference in the world. She choose to be a part of this book, because it starts with Women connecting with each other first. We need to play team and support one another more.


From Bond Broker, to Stock Broker to Fun Broker, she is creating more fun, freedom and fulfillment in other people’s lives.

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